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  1. regelmäßige Theaterbesuche (englischsprachige Werke)
  2. Teilnahme an Wettbewerben
  3. Australienaustausch
  4. Englandfahrt in Klasse 8
  5. Wirtschaftsenglisch als Differenzierungsfach
Marja Charlotte Müller - Grade 8 - Ursulinenschule Hersel - Bornheim, Germany

Ursuline Global

In February 2021, Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Delaware invited other Ursuline schools from all over the world to join and participate in a Global Art Exchange. Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to travel and visit one another, so this is one way to help keep our sisterhood connection strong. This idea was a collaborative effort between UA Wilmington's Global Club and National Arts Honors Society. 

Students from all grade levels across the globe from preschool through high school, as well as a few art teachers, created artwork that represents or depicts something significant to their Ursuline school or the Ursuline sisterhood. The art was created in a wide variety of mediums including, but not limited to, digital art, drawings, paintings, ceramics, photography, and multi-media. UA Wilmington received hundreds of submissions from around the world and is thrilled to be able to share the art with the global Ursuline community. 

We in Delaware want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated. We are so appreciative of you sharing your talents with all of us and the beauty of your art. We very much look forward to now displaying Ursuline art from around the world at our school, and we hope you will be inspired to do the same.